About Ripple and Flip

About Ripple and Flip

Welcome aboard Glitter Queens, we've been expecting you. We can spot you in a crowd, you're the one skipping down the street while the others walk, not afraid to colour outside the lines. And we can help in your venture to be the most fabulous version of yourselves.

A lover of festivals and all things EXTRA, we decided that the world needed more shiny things, more sequins and generally more of an excuse to show off a bit in a swarming sea of beige.

You know the drill, you've found the perfect outfit but need that little addition to complement your awesomeness.

Well we might have the answer to your glittery prayers. Whether its a big birthday, festival, wedding or hen do, if you've got a big occasion and you just need to command that little bit more attention than usual, we can custom-make the hat of your dreams.

Hell, wear one for the Sunday chores if you fancy. Who are we to judge.

What we do

Whether you see something you like in our collections or want us to design your own unique creation, we'll get to work to produce your very own piece of art. And remember.. nothing is ever TOO MUCH.

Hand crafted by one of our small team, sequins, feathers, studs, crystals and pompoms are among some of the magic we weave to assemble the perfect creation. If you want gold sequin lettering, or rhinestone hearts, we will seek it out. You want Unicorn mane? We'll do our bloody best.

The hats themselves are lightweight and of the best quality. We can source sizes from 53-60 so just let us know and we'll make sure it sits comfortably on your head and stays put. Even when dancing on tables at dawn. We've tried and tested them 😉

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" - Coco Chanel


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Just like the pied piper we'll take you to pretty places if you follow us.