My Best Friend's Wedding


Just a little post on the wonders of mixing business with absolute bloody pleasure. Recently I got to make a hat for my bessie Nat and witness how gorgeous she looked (with or without said hat!)

Going in blind, as it was a surprise, I went for pom-poms, sequins and crystals, adorned with the word LOVE - a subtle little thing for those shy and retiring types obvs.  The reception was at the lovely Londesborough pub in Stokey, East London which was the perfect setting for the chilled out vibes her they wanted. And Nat turned her beautiful wedding outfit (is outfit the right word??) into something more fun for the evenings partayyy - cue HAT!

Anyway here are some pics from the night, what a babe.. even Jamie got in on the act, rocking the hat in absolute style. LOVE THEMMMMM

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Unwedding Shows

Unwedding Shows

20.10.19 So if you haven't heard of the fantastic Unwedding Show yet- they are the type of wedding show that would make even the biggest sceptics want . . . to get married. The suppliers that exhibit there are beyond cool, and everything looks so bloody good I can't even sum it up in words. And add to that the Daytime Disco theme to the events and you'll understand this aint no normal wedding fair! From an actual phone box guests can leave congratulations messages on at the wedding (, the most beautiful tasseled leather jackets you've ever seen ( and a giant pineapple cocktail bar ( for goodness sake! To the coolest chicks you've ever met in the Roller Girl Gang ( - I mean rollerskating at your hen? Hell yeah. Or fuck it, I'll be skating down the isle if I get married! Check out the Unwedding website for all the goss We went to both the London and the Birmingham shows and loved meeting the fab Brides and their squads. It was so good to see them all trying on our hats. And the competition we ran meant we got to see some badass selfies after the events. Thanks gals. We came back with loads of ideas for new designs so thanks for all the inspiration ladies. Till the next time Melissa (AKA Unwedding mega babe) xx
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Halloween Shoot

Halloween Shoot

How much fun can you have with a pumpkin and a graffiti wall? Well this much apparently... Halloween has passed for another year and our Grace hat . . . came into its own with bespoke lettering being available for the first time.  Making a statement with dramatic black wings and rhinestone B O O lettering, we couldn't get enough of this look. Teaming with an awesome Burnt Soul Catsuit and shoulder pads, this outfit was the perfect accompaniment to any Halloween Party. Don't worry though, this isn't the end of our ghoulish garment, with New Year coming up, the Grace hat is perfect for celebrating in style. With lettering or numbers (2020 anyone? Coolest sounding year EVER) of your choice available, just let us know with your order and we'll sort it. Till the next time Pumpkins xx
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R&F go to Glasto

R&F go to Glasto

JUNE 2019 Back and just about recovered enough to look at a computer screen without having to have a little sit down, I thought I’d fill you in on . . . Ripple and Flip’s adventures on Worthy Farm. Firstly BIG NEWS our ‘Ru’ hat made it’s stage debut on the total babe that is Jem Cooke, performing with the awesome Camelphat, headlining the John Peel stage on Saturday night. She smashed it and looked bloody ace. Two new hats made their way on to the scene on the weekend - our new ‘Courtney’ hat - a gold/leopard print beauty, as well as our ‘Lennon’ – our first boy’s hat we’ve created. Myself and Si decided we’d give ourselves the tough job of trialling them out and they went down a storm. And also came back in one piece surprisingly, despite many lost hours in Shangrila. Our gorgeous friends and absolute catsuit goddesses Burnt Soul were also there for the first time with their disco stall. A new purchase of their EPIC shoulder pads was in order, just in time to get down the front to see Janet Jackson and an attempt to pull out some dubious moves. We also made sure we were at the stall for their photoshoot, check out the pic of me and Si and another lovely couple rocking matching Burntsout outfits… please don’t hate us. If only we had our daughter with us who also owns a matching onesie…. I think our obsession is out of control. See you next year Glasto you sexy thing. Hopefully with a Ripple and Flip Stall… plans are in the making….!!
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 3rd Dec 2018
 Emily Howe

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